Knowledge is Power

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Big Data. Big Gains. Small Price


Alera brings all the benefits of Big Data analysis without the Big Price.

We have a simple mission to help you increase the knowledge and understanding of your business so that you can make the best possible decisions.

We have distilled the knowledge from hundreds of thousands of hours of operational and management excellence and packaged it in a simple to use affordable business intelligence platform that seamlessly brings all of your data sources together, allowing you to gain insight and increase profits.

Everything we do is driven by that.  If the idea it isn’t practical, simple or has the ability to drive real change it doesn’t make the grade.  This means that Alera offers you clear and practical tools to drive business improvement without distraction.

A Single Version of the Truth

For many years a single version of the truth distributed across a business was the goal that only big companies with vast resources could achieve.

Now this powerful, game-changing ability is available to small and medium-sized companies in an easily deployed and cost effective solution called Alera.

Alera can form the framework for process transformation within a company, allowing immediate and measurable improvements.  See how it can be used to drive process change by reading the case study Understanding Biological Health

Control and Security

Using Alera means that your data is in a single secure place.  No more searching for the right version of a spreadsheet or running the risk of losing vital data inside or outside of the organization.  With Alera’s clear and intuitive design, you will find your team engagement, accountability, visibility and results increasing dramatically.

Savings and Efficiencies

Whatever the hype surrounding data analysis, the bottom line is that it must drive a positive impact where it is deployed.  Those impacts can be behavioral or financial. Ideally both.

See how one customer saved £20,000 per year just by using operator forms and dashboards


or how using Alera data analysis helped another customer identify installation errors that have increased revenue by over £50,000 per year. Here

Alera is also used to help operators collect data in the field (literally in many cases!) and seamlessly link with their dashboards for accurate and up to date data.  You can even fill in forms when you don’t have access to the internet.  As soon as you have access the data will automatically upload and synchronize. See how Here

You want Live Data?  No Problem…We love Live Data!

Not only can Alera handle huge historic datasets from multiple sources, but it can also link to live data sets, meaning that you have access to the most up to date information possible on the performance of your assets.

Alera is instrumental in helping another customer to create a cutting-edge Peer to Peer Energy Trading  Platform by taking and matching live data from Energy Generators and Consumers…..every single second.

Alera Everywhere

Alera is available online, on  Mobile, Tablet, Laptop….of course.

on IoS and Android devices?… no problem!

Oh, and we have seamless integration with other apps like Slack and AI analysis built-in too.

So wherever you and your team are access to Alera is easy, meaning you can share its insights, react to alerts and drive your business forward with confidence and ease.

Simple really.

To see how Alera can transform the way your company works, email or phone us for a free consultation.