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Knowledge is Power

It is a well-worn phrase we know but one rooted in fact and never more so in today’s world of information overload.

When we started running AD plants we were faced with limited data, no “live” data visibility or practical structure for gathering or disseminating information to the wider team.  Checks were paper-based and prone to human error while long-term analysis proved impossible with scattered and incomplete data sets.

Clearly not ideal.

The products we found in the market were expensive, inflexible, required huge disruptive implementation or were impractical to use in the real world, so like many entrepreneurial companies before us, we decided to create our own product.

We called it Alera.

We wanted to deliver a product that was simple to use and understand while delivering practical insights and actions in our business.  We did and it totally transformed our business.  We also knew that we could never go back to the way things were before.

Today Alera has grown from these small beginning to become the platform for companies in diverse industries such as Energy, Hospitality, Care Homes, and Blockchain. From the early days of basic information gathering, we now have the expertise to deliver complex live data integrations with cutting-edge systems that ensure businesses have access to what is actually happening in their world, thereby creating a single version of the truth.

However simple or complex the integrations are we still always focus on the fact that the knowledge we distribute through organization must be useful and drive insight to be powerful.

We are immensely proud of Alera and the positive impact it is having on businesses and would be delighted to talk to you about your business and ways that we may be able to help you.

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